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The College has a rich and useful Library consisting about 3000-3500 text and reference books of various disciplines presently housed in the library building. It has a Reference section, a lending section and a separate Reading Room. The college also provides books to students for Entry to Services so that students

can avail books that are necessary for competitive examination and job training. Each student is provided with two cards, one Reference and the other Lending/Borrower's card. The cards are strictly NOT TRANSFERABLE. Reference card is meant for the issue of a book to be read, only on the day, in the Reading Room. Books will be issued against Lending/Borrower's card for home use.


The Library has separate reference section/ Journal Section and reading room YES
Total number of books in the library 5000
Total number of journals 10
Total number of encyclopaedia available 03
Number of books available in the reference section of the library 650
Seating capacity of the reading room of the library 40

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